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Funding freeze shakes Russia's prodigals
Что за дурацкое название? И текст идиотский.
Есть сильное желание постебаться, при чем сразу в трех направлениях. Но непонятно почему журнал Nature, вдруг, стал главным Вестником российской академии.

И чего бы аффтору не продолжать писать о науке в Германии, сдается он в ней лучше разбирается

ну и прохфессор ссылочкой кинулся
так и не ясно, кто этой компании пиар обеспечивает, вернее, ясно :) Но довольно безграмотный пиар, в том смысле, что времена Ельцина миновали, а во все остальные времена на родине - высовываться надо было с умом. Ну парочке из них - ничего не потеряют , а остальные могут и пролететь как фанера.

Hundreds of young Russian researchers are in a financial limbo afteran acclaimed funding programme run by the Russian Academy of Sciences(RAS) stopped without warning a few weeks ago.

Georgii Bazykinis one researcher hit by the freezing of the programme, which allowsyoung Russian researchers to set up independent groups in theirhomeland. With a PhD from Princeton University under his belt, theyoung geneticist returned to Moscow last summer with a generousthree-year grant from the Scientific Programmes of the Presidium of theRAS. Six months later, with his funding stopped, he is in such a tightspot that he is considering returning to the United States.

Thefunding programme was set up in 2002 and covers 16 scientificdisciplines. No explanation has been given for why the money has driedup, and it is unclear whether the programme will continue.

“We'rein a very awkward situation,” says Georgii Georgiev, who chairs thecouncil of the programme in molecular and cell biology. “The programmehas not been formally terminated, but the academy Presidium keepspostponing its renewal from one week to the next. People are gettingvery nervous here.”

The RAS Presidium is presently preoccupiedwith redrafting the statutes of the academy and with preparing forpresidential elections in May, programme officials have been told.Georgiev, who is still optimistic that the grants will continue, wastold by RAS officials that a decision is due on 12 February. However,there are rumours that the RAS is considering disrupting the programmethroughout most of the year, possibly terminating all ongoing projectsand launching a new competition.

The programme is unique in Russia's research system in that grantwinners are selected through open competition on the basis ofscientific performance. The grants — up to US$180,000 per group peryear — are also extremely generous by Russian standards. The programmein molecular and cell biology has been particularly successful,attracting several talented researchers back to Russia.

“Idon't see how I could sustain my work and my family in Moscow withoutthe grant,” says Bazykin, whose regular salary from the KharkevichInstitute, one of more than 400 institutes run by the RAS, is just $200per month. “I'm very concerned,” he says. “If the programme were to becut, the chances are that I will leave.”


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Jan. 31st, 2008 08:48 am (UTC)
Этот недоучка-географ у них является экспертом по странам СНГ. Недавно в аналогичной манере он писал о проблемах НАН Украины
Jan. 31st, 2008 02:03 pm (UTC)
мы ж люди тренированные, во всяком мудачестве идеологию пытаемся разглдядеть, и Егорка влип в публикацию... бедненький :) гы
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