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я фигею, все-таки... логика жизни до меня не всегда доходит - это я о движении open access в целом

Update (September 23): After this article was published, Nature Publishing Group's Amy Bourke responded to The Scientist, noting the flat article processing charge (APC) to publish in Nature Communications: $5,200.
И еще, почему, когда две компании сливаются, то худшая обычно покупает лучшую?

Merck Buys Sigma-Aldrich for $17B: Two giants merge as the German drug maker acquires the US-based science supply company.


жизнеутверждающее :)

But if you’re trying to help—or at any rate not actively trying to wound—when it comes to academics looking for jobs, it’s best to limit the conversation to a nice, light topic. I suggest religion. Or abortion. Or the inevitability of climate change. Anything but the job
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